From Rustic to Woodsy: How Wooden Furniture Influences Home Atmosphere

Interior design is the meticulous art of putting things together to create a bigger, more beautiful picture. It goes beyond choosing what looks nice and what is currently trending, though. It considers what kind of atmosphere you want to give off before even deciding which types of furniture and fabrics to use.

Similar to the way your preferred color scheme affects interior design, the materials you use for household fixtures affect the overall vibe of your home. Speaking of materials—and as general as it may seem—wood heavily influences the ambiance of your home.

Whatever interior design concept you want to go for, wooden furniture will have a hand in making it more genuine.

Functional Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is steadily increasing in popularity. In recent years, more homeowners are opting to re-vamp their home to echo the cozy yet functional theme of this minimalist look.

The Nordic interior design style is famous for its simplicity. Since it aims for cohesive bright spaces, muted colors dominate the color scheme. In fact, it makes good use of white and gray for the foundation tones. It also maximizes natural light for a more relaxed atmosphere.
On a related note, the simplicity of Scandinavian décor shows in clean lines and simple accents. It doesn’t shy away from wide windows, bare walls, and empty spaces that make a room appear more spacious than it actually is.

The interior design style steers clear of clutter; it welcomes wide, open spaces. And this is where another famous aspect of Scandinavian décor comes in: functionality.

Every room in a Scandinavian-inspired house serves a specific purpose. The kitchen is for effortless cooking, for example, while the bedroom is for relaxing after a long day. There isn’t much room for a random loveseat or a quaint table because the fixtures in each room have a distinct, set function.

Having said that, stay away from bulky furniture and choose minimalist fixtures, instead. And because Scandinavian décor integrates plants to brighten up living spaces, go for furniture made from wood—rustic wood, particularly – as this nicely accentuates greenery.

The wooden material complements the cozy vibe that the Nordic design style emulates. In other words, the rustic wood grain puts emphasis on how natural a Scandinavian-designed home is.

Alternatively, you may opt for white-painted wood to put emphasis on the white-and-gray color scheme that the interior design style is well-known for.

Timeless Nautical Interior Design

The addition of indoor plants is one way of bringing nature into the house, but it isn’t the only way you can get in touch with the out-of-doors from the comforts of your own home. If you’re keener on the sun and the sea rather than on the forest and the trees, then you might just enjoy nautical interior design.

Nautical décor reflects the warmth and relaxation of a house by the seaside. Therefore, you don’t need to live in a beach house to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation every day. With the right color scheme and furnishings at home, you will definitely feel more connected with the ocean.

The first major aspect of coastal-inspired interior design is the color scheme.

To pull off a timeless nautical look, use white or sand-colored foundation tones. These colors will set a bright tone reminiscent of the beach. And for a truly nautical look, make blue the primary accent color. Different shades of blue will replicate the waves rolling in the sea.

Once you’ve set the tone, start working on the furnishings and decorative accents to fill in the open spaces.

Nautical décor generally uses unfinished wood for furniture. Use the material for tables and chairs in the kitchen, living room, home office, and other spaces at home. You may also use the material for headboards, side tables, and similar bedroom furniture.

Balance out the unfinished wood furniture with upholstered lounge seats and sofas. But make sure that the upholstery uses linen; the fabric is another defining feature of nautical design.

Add the decorative accents after setting up the furniture. Apart from the quintessential nautical stars and stripes on textiles and house décor, add other objects that symbolize life at sea.

Put up a navigational map painting; fill up clear jars with seashells; put up rowing oars on an empty corner; attach jute ropes along the stair case. These little details, together with the nautical-themed functional fixtures, will truly make your home fit for any beach lover.

Traditional Farmhouse Interior Design

When you’re going for simple yet cozy interior design, consider adopting farmhouse décor. It is similar to cabin-inspired interior design, but influenced by the French Provence. Having said that, expect lavenders and greeneries to embellish the home.

This interior design style has a color scheme like that of nautical interior design. The foundation tones are white and beige while the accent colors are turquoise and light yellow. Other bright accent colors are also suitable for a more vivacious atmosphere.

In terms of furniture, farmhouse décor is probably one of the top interior design styles that use wood. In fact, distressed wood and upholstered linen are almost synonymous with the style.

Adorn the house with distressed wood tables, chairs, cabinets, and bed frames to set up a traditional farmhouse atmosphere. Add upholstered linen in between these types of furniture to keep the house design from looking repetitive.

Find the perfect balance between wooden materials in linen textiles and your home will truly feel like it’s in the middle of the French Provence.

Wood as a Major Interior Design Influence

Wood, either engineered or solid hardwood, is a commonly used material for house furniture.

There are different types such as oak, pine, maple, and cherry wood; each one gives off a unique vibe. For example, rustic and white-painted wood is a good base for Scandinavian design. Unfinished wood complements nautical design. And distressed wood sets the stage for a farmhouse atmosphere.

The influence of the material in interior design is palpable. It’s only a matter of familiarizing yourself with your preferred design style and studying which wooden material best complements it. Then, you will lay out the perfect atmosphere at home.

By Sam Unruh

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