Five Board Games to Play on Your Unruh Wood Coffee Table or Desk

What comes to mind when you think of board games? Monopoly? Candy Land? Chess? Checkers? All these classics are good options. But over the last decade, board games have exploded in popularity. Like coffee, wine or modern art . . . there are certainly board game connoisseurs out there. At Unruh, we are only connoisseurs of handcrafted wood furniture and don’t claim to be something we’re not. However, all of us enjoy a good time and a little competition.

Below, you will find five board games worth buying this holiday season. Either for yourself to enjoy with friends and family, or as a great gift for someone else! You won’t go wrong with any that you choose. And speaking of “you won’t go wrong . . . “ we first want to present two excellent wood coffee table options. We all know rolling dice on carpet is lame – you don’t get nearly as cool a sound. But to roll snake eyes across American Black Walnut? There’s no better board game feeling.

Clermont Coffee Table

This particular coffee table is perfect for board gaming. Why? Because two spacious drawers (like a dresser) provide the foundation for storage and beauty. If you need to gain a better idea for table size, according to your space, please use our online customization tool. No two living rooms are the same – just make sure you have extra dining chairs to squeeze everyone in – between our online tool and showroom visit, we’ll make sure this Clermont fits the bill.

coffee table

South Bend Coffee Table

Our South Bend Coffee Table is similar to the Clermont in that it’s perfect for storage. Can’t you just envision stacks of board games underneath the table top? (And if you don't pick a coffee table with storage space, an Unruh bookcase or desk is another great option!)

You can customize either of these wood coffee table options in six different types of wood – alder, cherry, maple, hickory, white oak, maple – according to your desire. In addition, we offer 49 finish variations to make your furniture unique to your home. If you’re going to make memories on one of these fabulous options, let’s provide a worthy vessel to do so.

coffee table

Five Unruh Favorites

The following is a list of some of our favorites, as well as other popular board games across the U.S. Are you down to play? Set a date with your friends and we’ll make sure the table is ready.

Settlers of Catan

This board game about wheat, bricks and sheep is often referred to as a “gateway drug” to the board game universe. Simply put, because it’s amazing. Settlers of Catan, or as it's now known as simply "Catan", is for those who have tried to play Monopoly but just need a better version of it. As noted on the cover, Klaus Tuber founded this game (in the 1990’s) and we’re all the better for his invention. But its popularity grows year over year, and friendships are often tested as a result. (In good fun, of course).

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is another incredibly popular game that hooks many players and sets them down a path of board game curiosity. If you like Settlers, odds are you will like this game about expanding your railroad across 18th century United States. Since its inception, the Days of Wonder brand has released six more variations of the game. All span various landscapes, and all are a guaranteed good time.


What other board game can you identify as Calamity Janet, Kit Carlson, Lucky Duke or Suzy Lafayette? If you enjoy a good western movie, you will love this “shoot em up” board game with family and friends. Best part is there is no blood, just strategy and some blind luck, of course. Bang is high-quality even if you prefer comedy movies over westerns. In fact, it’s preferred.


One of the best games to play in big groups! For anyone you know that speaks english, this is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. If you need a cheap gift idea, place this under the tree. Have them unwrap it quickly so you can play some quality Codenames this Christmas.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is the one suggestion on this list that pairs technology with its standard card game system. After purchasing the game, you are required to download a (free) mobile app that walks you through the game. Rounds are short, so you can play a game in a matter of 10 minutes or multiple games for hours. You will laugh, accuse, bewilder and distrust opponents . . . all in an effort to figure out “Who is the werewolf?” If you have ever played the summer camp classic “Mafia” then chances are you’ll love this simple-to-learn game.

coffee table

More Play

In our technological world, board games are growing in popularity with good reason. This outlet provides friends and families with an opportunity for interpersonal communication and connection. If you caught on to our board game suggestions, they are best enjoyed with groups of people! Even though some games can get intense (depending on how competitive your family is), the outcome promotes fellowship with the ones you love. 

And when it comes to “variety” there are certainly more options than two coffee tables and five board games. When you visit Unruh, we can discuss other coffee table options or how to make your Clermont or South Bend your own.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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