Finding the Best Bedroom Furniture in Dallas for Rest and Relaxation

Custom bedroom furniture perfectly tailored to you and your spouse is one of the best investments you can make. Every day starts and ends in your bedroom, and details that are as small as having a fixed place to set your keys down can be the difference between a smooth refreshing start and a frenetic morning spent tossing pillows and covers aside trying to find your keys so you can get the kids to school on time. A bed that snugly fits your mattress can mean the difference between comfortably watching cartoons with your kids on a weekend morning, or an elementary schooler made anxious by your constant struggle to find a comfortable position. It’s hard to relax when the pillow keeps slipping down between the mattress and the headboard.

The best bedroom furniture in Dallas is made to fit you specifically, and to enable you and your loved ones to rest and relax every day, and every night. Everyone is different and in your bedroom you will want custom bedroom furniture to ensure that this most private of refuges provides you with the rest and relaxation you need to start your day refreshed, and end it in comfort. It needs to account for your bedroom’s layout and the activities of you and your family.

The Colby Bed by Unruh

The Barry Nightstand flanks the contemporary Colby Bed providing a drawer to store small items and a place for lamps and clocks.

The Best Bedroom Furniture in Dallas Fits Form to Function

The limiting factor in many Dallas homes isn’t the square footage of the room but the number of uninterrupted walls. Bedroom furniture can’t be placed in front of doors into closets or bathrooms, and the bottom edge of windows can be low enough down on the walls that putting furniture in front of them blocks the light. A window sill can also keep a dresser from sitting flush against the wall, wasting some floor space, and creating a convenient void for lost socks to accumulate in. However, custom furniture allows for a lot more flexibility in laying out a room.

Often, the master bathroom and closet doors are adjacent to each other separated only by a wall that is far too narrow to place furniture. However, the width of custom dressers can be adjusted to fit into this space, or the height can be adjusted to fit beneath a bank of windows. When it comes to horizontal vs vertical dressers, a wide horizontal one can provide enough drawers for both partners to use the same dresser—saving space. With a vertical dresser it is more difficult to equitably divide up the drawers; however, where vertical dressers excel is in fitting along narrow wall segments. A custom vertical dresser with a built-in wardrobe put along otherwise unused wall space can save you stress as well as keep your socks organized. Bookcases, and even some hutches can be customized to provide you with useful storage along these walls too.

The ability to have furniture customized to fit your home can also open new places for your bed. A long wall of windows allows for plenty of natural light, but can also mean that you cannot place your bed along one wall of your bedroom. Beds with custom headboard heights offer a solution, and very low platform beds that offer contemporary styling can open up new bedroom furniture arrangements. A bedroom is the most private refuge in the home, and arranging it for your daily comfort and activities is important.

The Hayley Bed by Unruh

The Westside Platform Bed can be customized with a headboard that doesn’t block natural light from the windows above.

Dallas Bedrooms May Offer More Space for Bedroom Furniture

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and in Dallas homes, that may be true. Space has never been in short supply in the metroplex, translating into large houses with large master bedroom suites and bedrooms. The master bedroom can be a much-needed private refuge for mom and dad, and the home’s other bedrooms can be an older child or teenager’s private space. With a clever room layout you can actually divide large bedrooms into sleeping and living areas. Parents can catch up with prime-time dramas in the master bedroom without the need to explain things to younger members of the household, and older children can have a private place to study or play video games.

Nationally, the average room size for a master bedroom is around 15x12 feet. In Dallas, some newly constructed houses have master bedrooms that are as large as 20x15 and junior bedrooms that are around 15x12. This is enough space to subdivide a master bedroom, and more than enough space to do so in the junior bedrooms if a child is sleeping in a twin or even a full-size bed.

Even with the extra space, trying to use a bedroom for multiple purposes can make it seem cramped. However, with custom bedroom furniture, and custom living room and home office furniture, it can be done much more easily. A console table can subdivide a master bedroom so that one half can serve as a distraction-free office. A sideboard in a teen’s bedroom can serve double duty as a dresser and as an entertainment center while a desk large enough for a laptop can create an environment that encourages study, and can be used for gaming and socializing once all the work is done.

Bedrooms really are the most private of refuges. They ought to be comfortable when you’re sleeping, and places where you can relax whether you are reading and watching movies, or catching up on a little work. Quality custom wood furniture can be made to your bedroom’s specifications and provide a comfortable respite from the hectic outside world.

How to Start Customizing

Unruh Furniture creates the best custom bedroom furniture in Dallas. Beds, nightstands, and dressers can be handcrafted to make the best use of your space, and are backed by a lifetime warranty that will repair damage no matter who is at fault. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum to begin creating the best bedroom furniture arrangement for you and your family today.

By Carly Haynam

Carly moved to Kansas City from Colorado 13 years ago, and while she loves the coffee and food scene, her passion is in design and transforming spaces, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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