Custom Woodworking in Dallas: Finding and Evaluating Local Businesses

Consider if you will, the stubbed toe. Usually, it’s considered a trivial injury, but a stubbed toe can be a significant setback to the enjoyment of life. It certainly doesn’t seem so trivial when a nightly trip to the restroom ends with gasps and one-legged hopping in the hall. Once a delicate digit is wounded, you will be hypervigilant in looking out for danger. Corners that you’ve never noticed before may seem more threatening than ever. No one wants to live like this, and stubbed toes, along with their close kin, bumped shins, are best prevented in the first place.

The culprit behind these intensely painful minor injuries is usually an awkwardly laid out room with unnatural edges eager to leap out and claim an unsuspecting piggy on its way to market, the bathroom, or the kitchen for a midnight snack. Standard furniture that is poorly sized for a room is normally the cause of these types of mishaps. When it comes to your Dallas home, custom woodworking may be the solution. It can create wood furnishings that actually fit the room, make the best use of your space, and reduce the threat of stubbed toes in your future.

Custom Holloway coffee table

The Breckenridge Nightstand and Holloway Coffee Table are living room pieces that Unruh Furniture can customize to fit your space.

The Advantages of Custom Woodworking for Dallas Homes

The benefits of custom woodworking in your Dallas home are many. Custom wood furnishings will comfortably fit into a room no matter what its size or shape.

Dining Tables, desks, and other office furniture, along with dresser and beds, can be built to give you enough storage or workspace while leaving you plenty of room to walk around without tripping or stubbing your toes. Furniture built by a custom woodworking company in Dallas can also be finished in the colors and style that match your decor, and with a much higher quality than most store-bought or prefab furniture. The best wood finishes that last a lifetime, so not only will a custom desk or dresser be easy to live with every day, it can also become something passed down to another generation for them to enjoy as well.

Truly custom furniture is hard to find, though. The majority of large furniture retailers do offer some options. However, those tend to be a range of available sizes in fixed proportions similar to the small, medium, and large sizes found in t-shirts and other clothing. These sizes may not be optimal for your particular space. For example, a longer dining table that you buy to fill the length of a formal dining room may be long enough, but it also may be so wide that seats on one side crowd against a wall. Ideally, you should be able to specify proportions that fit inside your room layout without crowding anything. The majority of furniture stores don’t offer this sort of service, and getting the table that truly meets your needs requires custom woodworking and skilled craftsmen to do it right.

Custom Farmhouse Coffee Table

The Farmhouse Coffe Table from Unruh Furniture can be customized in length, depth, and height.

What to Look for in Custom Woodworking

Finished furniture requires specialized tools and skills. A dining room table top requires careful measurement and a great deal of artistry to create a smooth, level eating surface. It’s the same with an office desk. Custom woodworking for furniture is a next-level skill that goes well beyond the basic carpentry needed to bang together a rough picnic table. At a minimum it requires knowledge of:

Wood Grain: Wood is a variable substance and to make furniture that lasts you must know when to cut with the grain and when to cut across it. Furthermore, you must know how place the boards so that their tendency to warp or cup is minimized.

Dimensioning: Furniture like desks or dressers have many pieces that must all come together square, straight and true in the finished product. Mistakes can cause the finished piece to wobble or have crooked drawers that are tough to open and close.

Joining: It is very rare for large flat surfaces like a table top to be made of a single board. Only the largest trees can provide boards 36 inches wide or wider. Instead, large surfaces are made of smaller boards skillfully joined into one. Joining is an art as much as a science, and the craftsman must have extensive knowledge to get it right.

Finishing:Finishing a fine piece of furniture goes well beyond giving it a stain and coat of sealant. It involves carefully planing every surface so that it is flat and level all the way across. It must then be sanded smooth, sanded again with finer paper, and then once more with still finer grit paper. Only then can it be stained or painted, then given multiple coats to seal it against the environment.

Every step of building a piece of furniture must be done carefully, or else the final piece will be flawed. Although there are many who claim to be woodworkers, fine quality custom woodworking skills are rare. When it comes to assessing the quality of custom woodworking, you have to see it for yourself. You may not always be able to find furniture craftsmen who can show you their samples, but in downtown Dallas, you can.

Finding the Best Custom Woodworking in Dallas

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex doesn’t lack custom woodworking companies. However, the majority of these companies specialize in cabinets, and custom home furnishings are outside of their usual business scope. There is, however, one specialized custom woodworking company in Dallas that does specialize in crafting high-quality custom furniture made to the specifications you ask for.

Unruh Furniture, can customize solid wood furniture in different heights, widths, and depths. A bed, desk, dining room table, or dresser from Unruh can have its proportions tailored to fit into any room. Every piece of furniture is backed by a lifetime warranty that will restore furniture regardless of who or what damaged it. At Unruh’s showroom in Deep Ellum, you can place your hands on the furniture and experience the quality of the custom woodworking for yourself. With beautiful custom furniture that is made to fit your space perfectly, you can kiss stubbed toes goodbye.

How To Get Started

Unruh Furniture the best custom woodworking in Dallas to create quality furniture. Our tables, desks, beds, and dressers are custom built in your choice of any one of six hardwood species and twelve finishes to your precise specifications. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum.

By Kaitlin Kusch

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