Custom Sideboards: A Unique Storage Option for Your Dallas Living Room, Dining Room, or Home Office

A good sideboard can bring the whole room together—no matter what room it is. Having the extra drawers for storage space that a sideboard, hutch, or standing cabinet provides gives homeowners a place to put their paper, cooking implements, small appliances, and household tools. They provide counter space for short term storage or home projects, and even extra shelving for books.

However, finding the right sideboard can be tricky. Since a sideboard has to fit into a room already full of furniture dedicated to another purpose, like a desk or a dining room table, it often must fit somewhere around the edges. It has to be just the right size to fit well, and not get in the way. The best way to make sure it will fit where you want it is to choose a custom sideboard, built to your specifications.

Unruh's sturdy Pacifica Sideboard complements any space

The Pacifica Sideboardhas all the extra storage space you're looking for.

Finding the Right Size Sideboard for Your Home

Whether it’s in a crowded kitchen, a bustling dining room, or a cluttered home office, it can be tough to find space. Often, this is why people go looking for a sideboard in the first place. They need extra room for the storage of their many small household possessions. The numerous shelves and drawers that all sideboards share provide this sorely needed storage space. However, it’s also necessary to find room for the sideboard itself.

Typically, sideboards go best along walls, and even in corners. They’re best placed somewhere out of the way, where they don’t inhibit free passage or create eddies or blockages in the household’s current of movement. Yet they must also be accessible, with enough unobstructed room in front of them to allow the easy opening and closing of drawers and shelves.

As such, there is no perfect standard size for a sideboard. The right size sideboard is the one that fits exactly where you want to put it. Sideboards purchased “off the shelf,” whether new or from an antique store, may come close to fitting their household niche—but they’re unlikely to match exactly. This will either leave empty, awkward wall space around the edges of the sideboard, or will force you to locate the sideboard in a less desirable position.

Unruh's sturdy Westport Sideboard fits in any room

Custom sideboards like the Westport fit wherever you want them.

Choosing Custom Sideboards for Size, Style, and Quality

Your other option is to have a sideboard custom-made to fit your home. By measuring the space where you’d like to place the sideboard, or having professionals visit your home and measure for you, you can provide your furniture maker with exact specifications. They can then build your sideboard so that it fits precisely where you’d like to place it. This eliminates the issue of extra awkward space, and ensures you won’t be stuck with a piece of furniture which inconveniently juts out into a busy passage.

In addition, choosing a custom sideboard gives you more control over the style of the piece. Custom furniture makes will provide you with a range of aesthetic options, allowing you to choose the type of wood you’d like, as well as the color of the stain. This enables you to commission a piece of furniture which will blend well with your existing decorations and your other pieces of furniture. Choosing furniture which can fit into the existing aesthetic landscape of your home promotes harmony and balance, beautifying your space and bringing peace to your mind.

Lastly, deciding to commission a custom sideboard helps you be certain of the quality and longevity of your furniture. Custom, handmade furniture will receive more time and attention during the building process than anything manufactured en masse. The sanding will be finer, the joints will be painstaking perfect, and the finish will be meticulously applied. You’ll be able to meet the person who’s building your sideboard, and they’ll get to meet you, so their work will necessarily carry a personal touch. Some custom furniture makers go so far as to guarantee their work for life.

If it’s the right size, if it fits your home’s aesthetic, and if it’s built to last, a sideboard can be a great addition to your home. It will provide you the room you need to store whatever you need, in whichever room needs it most. Instead of picking up an ill-fitting or stylistically jarring sideboard from a yard sale or department store, consider having one built by a custom furniture maker. That way, you’ll be sure to get exactly the piece of furniture you’re looking for.

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By Carly Haynam

Carly moved to Kansas City from Colorado 13 years ago, and while she loves the coffee and food scene, her passion is in design and transforming spaces, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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