Custom Dining Room Wood Tables for Sale in Dallas: How, Where, and Why to Buy

One of the traditions many Dallas families have managed to hold onto over the years is having dinner together. In a world where much of our time is spent staring at one screen or another, this face-to-face time across the dining room table can mean a great deal. Owning a quality dining room table is a way of showing the importance and value of this time spent together as a family. No matter the size of your home, whether you live in a shoebox apartment or a sprawling mansion or anywhere in between, there’s a custom dining room wood table to fit.

Custom-made tables can be sized to fit your home, your family, and your lifestyle. That’s part of what makes them so perfect for carrying on—or beginning—a family tradition of sharing time together. If your home lacks a traditional dining room, you’re in good company: The majority of Americans take their meals together in the kitchen. A custom dining room table can be sized to fit comfortably into your kitchen dining nook, or wherever your family prefers to eat. A dining table also provides a place for the kids to do their homework where mom and dad can keep an eye on them, or a regular spot for a family board game after dinner. Wherever you place it, a custom dining room table serves as the heart of the home. A high-quality handmade one can last through decades of memories with your family. Someday, your kids may seat their children around it for their own family dinners.

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How to Buy a Custom Dining Room Wood Table

Buyers looking for a dining room table often begin their search online, which can be less than ideal: The majority of tables available from online retailers are only made in a narrow range of sizes and a limited number of styles.

The best option for finding a dining room table that perfectly suits your home and your family? Shop local in Dallas. By viewing furniture in person, you’ll get a feel for the size and style of the table that best fits your home decor.

Visiting furniture showrooms offers the following advantages:

-You can consult with knowledgeable professionals. Showroom staff can give you comprehensive answers to all your questions about the ordering process, including delivery and warranties, and can lead you through all your options for customization.

-You’ll be able to look at the available stains and finishes in person. Online photos of furniture may not accurately represent its actual appearance. Visiting a showroom in person is the only way to get an exact idea of what the furniture looks like.

-It will be easier to judge the size that will best suit your needs. Even when you’re equipped with exact measurements, it can be hard to get an accurate impression of a table’s dimensions from reading an online listing. Viewing a variety of tables up close—maybe even seating your family around them—will give you a clearer idea of how much room your family needs to be comfortable.

-You can check the quality of the work for yourself. In person, it’s more difficult to hide flaws. If a table on display in a showroom wobbles or if the surface is uneven, you’ll know the level of craftsmanship is not where you need it to be, and you can continue your search elsewhere.

While there are many furniture showrooms in Dallas, many are national brands offering limited options for customizations. Custom-made tables from large furniture makers tend to stick pretty close to the factory norms. You may have your choice of two or three finishes and a couple of options for table length; the table’s depth and height are likely to be fixed. A better bet to get a high-quality custom wood table in Dallas is to visit a local craftsperson.

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Where to Buy a Custom Dining Room Wood Table in Dallas

If you’re searching for a custom dining room wood table in Dallas, a local craftsperson will offer you far more customization options than any of the major retailers. They can easily build a table with the width, depth, and height that meets the needs of your family. Rather than being stuck with factory-standard dimensions, you can own a quality custom table that fits comfortably in your home. This is important for getting a dining table that you will actually use.

In many cities, finding a craftsperson with a showroom where you can bring the whole family can be a challenge. That isn’t the case in Dallas. Here in the neighborhood of Deep Ellum, you’ll find the showroom of Unruh Furniture. At Unruh, we know the dining room table, wherever you place it, is the heart of your Dallas home. That’s why we make sure a single mom gets a dining table every month. It’s also why we build our dining room tables with care and back them with a lifetime warranty: If your custom dining room table is damaged, we’ll repair it for free, no matter who caused the damage. We take pride in our work, and we take pride in making sure your family is satisfied.

At Unruh Furniture, we build all kinds of hardwood furniture, including custom dining room tables. When you ask us to create your furniture, you not only get to choose the finish and type of hardwood for any of our dining room tables, but you can customize the length, depth, and height as well. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum to pick out a custom dining room table for your Dallas home.


Image 1: The Rosedale Table, a custom dining room table built by Unruh Furniture, is delivered to its new home

Image 2: A selection of custom dining room wood tables at the Unruh Furniture Showroom in Dallas

Image 3: The clean lines of the industrial-inspired Broadway Table from Unruh Furniture make it a pleasure to assemble the family around the dining table


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