Childproof Your Home with Custom TV Consoles and New Living Room Tables

Unruh supplies custom wood furniture for families all year long. Many of our customers are parents or grandparents, and we love walking each one of them through our furniture-making process. In addition, a lot of those customers have one important thing in common: kiddos they care for. Whether it's their own children or their children’s children, our clientele takes future generations into account when purchasing lifelong furniture. And that’s exactly what we want! To create furniture that you can hand down to future generations. However, is your current home and living room set-up the safest environment for children when they’re young? Our country has seen far too many accidents with children and faulty furniture. TV consoles, changing tables and dressers that are hard to assemble will run the risk of breaking down in the future. People are working hard to find childproof solutions to this issue. Unruh included. We are working and communicating with families to build high-quality furniture so your children are safe around our products.

Before we get to a couple specific pieces and why they make sense for the home, let’s examine a few other ways to childproof your home in 2020.

Consider the Coffee Table

We talk a lot about our great selection of custom coffee tables – on the blog and social media. And we stand by every word when it comes to the perfect coffee table for your home! But we realize coffee tables present a problem for babies and toddlers. Sharp corners are one thing, but as they start to walk, they can tumble into the coffee table or climb on top of the coffee table. If this is your case, consider moving a coffee table to a wall – out from the center of the room. We can help you get creative with coffee table usage, or you might want to just move the coffee table into a different room until the kids are older.

Kid-Friendly Decor

As we ease into decor, know that the internet has made childproof decorations beautiful, sustainable and practical. Many companies recognize the significance of childproofing these days, and therefore use non-toxic paint for these toys. Also, consider sculptures around your room that don’t contain sharp points or parts that kids can swallow.

Toys and Crafts

When it comes to toys and crafts for kids, the options are endless. But it’s easy for parents to default to technology. However, our vision of “childproofing” can also mean nurturing child growth and development. Consider toys in your home that kids will use to learn while having fun. One suggestion is Storytime Chess – a kid-friendly chess game that adds a fun twist to one of the world’s most popular games. As for crafts, peruse Pinterest for some ideas on crafts to conduct with your kiddos.

Safe Frames

A quick word on picture frames: make them childproof! Use rounded corners for your frames and consider clear acrylic as opposed to glass. It might seem like a pain to change out your current frames, but not as big of a pain as shattered glass.

With those few tips in mind, let’s look at a couple pieces you could start with in 2020. Make your 2020 the year to childproof. Whether they realize it or not, you’re giving children the gift of safety. And when they get older and possess the piece for themselves, they’ll gladly receive the gift of custom wood furniture.

Tennessee Credenza

No glass, easy storage options and low center of gravity. There are multiple reasons to love our Tennessee Credenza, and your children will love this TV console too. If they have books or toys they love at your home, leave them in one of the open shelves. Need to tuck things away for a time? Two beautiful doors open to plenty of storage space.

tennessee credenza

tennessee credenza

New Haven Bench

The New Haven Bench is a little more on the “practical” side, but still a beautiful piece for your home. If you need a space in your living room or mudroom, where children can store clothes, toys or other items, a bench along the wall will provide just as much functionality as it will for interior design. As you think of other ways to childproof your home, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Consider the memories they’ll have at mom and dad’s, or grandpa and grandma’s. First you need to set the stage with safe, quality wood furniture. After that, we promise the memories will follow.

new haven bench

new haven bench

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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