Carpenter’s Corner: To Dress a Bookcase

Carpenter’s Corner is our new new series with direct input from Unruh expert carpenters. Some weeks will highlight favorite furniture pieces, and others will discuss what it’s like to work at Unruh. At the core, know that each Carpenter’s Corner blog post is fueled by input from our team. Although these words give you a sense for our team, they’d love to meet you in person! Schedule a showroom appointment today to see our space, meet our team and discuss your future furniture needs.

Production Manager | Kaleb Kern

Kaleb serves as our Production Manager and you’ll never see him without a smile. (Maybe an exaggeration. But we promise his demeanor is always friendly). Kaleb and his wife, Shannon, have one beautiful daughter and a beloved basset hound. As far as carpenters go, Kaleb reps our Unruh brand with an amazing mentality: resilient, flexible, hard-working and creative. 

We asked Kaleb, “What do you think is one or two of the more underrated furniture pieces at Unruh?” That is to say, of all our quality products, what are a couple of Kaleb’s personal favorites? His answers start with a similar name, and end with two new home furnishings to enhance your space create a beautiful, functional aesthetic in your home.


The Coleson Table

“Personally,” Kaleb says, “I'm into the piece of furniture that provides both a simple, clean style and functionality alike.”

If you’ve scanned our products (and there are thousands of variations due to your customization), you know our aesthetic – from king bedroom sets to small desks to mid century modern furniture – largely adheres to a consistent but beautiful look. Our carpenters create clean and functional furniture for your space, but recognize everyone has different tastes. For those who desire a table that’s simple and timeless, Kaleb has one particular suggestion.

The Coleson Table provides a simple, minimalist style, all while providing the maximum amount of usable space.  The table shows off stunning wood grain with its wide slab legs and top. Leg room is ample and can be made to seat the largest of family dinners.”

To get a feel for what the Coleson would look like in your home, feel free to use our online customization tool. You can bust out a tape measure, record your home measurements then use this convenient tool to get a better idea for Unruh furniture in your space – just like many have done before you. And, as Kaleb also alluded to, make a note of the leg room our Coleson provides. Our goal is to help you create spaces for gathering and community. There is no better time than the holiday season to inquire about a new centerpiece to host friends and family.

“As with all of the tables we craft, the Coleson brings community gathering to a central location. Be it family or friends, food or fun, the table provides a sturdy foundation for sharing the moments you will cherish for a lifetime. 


The Coleman Bookcase

“Another piece I love,” says Kaleb, “that provides functionality, without skimping on style, is the Coleman Bookcase.  Simple and sturdy, you could put this piece anywhere. Stash your books, display your collection of Pez dispensers, organize your office, place your potted plants, it can do it all. This piece provides no nonsense design, featuring steel 3/4" Steel framework and solid wood slab shelves that can be customized to fit your space and please the eyes, to boot.”

Pez aside, Kaleb makes an interesting point. Designers everywhere are “dressing” bookcases like their jobs depended on it. You can channel your own interior designer with the Coleman Bookcase. If you’re looking for modern minimalist + industrial design, then your search stops here. Consider the Coleman for you home and then schedule an appointment so we can discuss your specific need. With people like Kaleb leading the way, we promise you’re in good hands.

“The Coleman Bookcase provides big functionality in a small footprint. Modeled after it's Big Sister, the Brookside Bookcase, the Coleman sits much shorter, providing more versatility and instantly declutters the area it's placed in.  Less clutter is less stress. Less stress is a happy customer.”


Looking Forward

In 2020, we promise you will get to know more of our Unruh crew and inside tricks of the trade. Kaleb is awesome, but he’s just one of our great carpenters. Together, we come to our church of a workshop each day to do good work. That’s how we love our neighbor. That’s how we make the world better.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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