Capture Fall Colors and Textures in Your Interior Décor

As summer fades into the chilly fall season, the burst of color outdoors is simply too appealing not to emulate in your indoor environments. Pumpkin spice, cider mills, crunchy leaves, and fluffy sweaters are just a few of the sensory comforts that homeowners would love to bring into their homes this season.

A quick stroll through the neighborhood or even a peek outside the window already offers an abundance of inspiration for your seasonal décor projects. To make your fall-inspired living space unique, check out our hand-crafted Kansas City living room furniture. But if you need more ideas to get started, here are a few of our favorite fall-inspired interior designs to spur your decorating spree.

Pile On the Blankets and Throw Pillows

Nothing complements the cool breeze of fall than plenty of comfy decorative blankets and pillows in the living room. Don’t forget to consider the color of your furniture, though. Your seasonal additions need to come in hues that complement already existing décor. Moreover, feel free to deviate from the basic red, orange, and yellow palette; adding beige tones and wine pigments to the mix should provide a refreshing neutral mood to your living space.

Go Rustic with Wooden Pieces

Dark or weathered wooden surfaces to your home evoke a rural ambiance unlike any other material out there. Be sure to incorporate these surfaces into your design. If you already have wooden floors, throw in a (faux) sheepskin rug for an authentic log cabin feel. If you have a traditional fireplace, invest in an iron firewood rack to store and display your logs in — hunting lodge-style!

Set the Folksy Tableware

Ditch the dinner and cookware sets: fall is the season to mix and match individual crockery for your kitchen and dining designs. Feel free to create your custom set with solid color combinations like orange and navy, or mix things up with a solid color like purple matched with patterned items of similar shades.

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By Sam Unruh

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