Bring Classic Charm to Your Home With a Custom Buffet or Hutch

What are the things that make a house feel like a home? Family, of course. But also furniture. A home is lived in, warmed and made human by its inhabitants. But it’s not so much the house itself that a family interacts with daily, weekly, and yearly—it’s the furniture. Carefully selecting the furniture in your home gives your family another way to interact with each other, to form new memories, and to be comfortable and happy in the spaces of your day-to-day lives.

For example, consider the dining room table: you and your family eat there daily, or at least weekly. You play games there, entertain guests, talk about homework at dinner and the weather in the morning. The table gives shape to your family time, becomes a part of it. This is true of your other furniture, too, and while it may not be the first type of piece that comes to mind when you think of family life, hutches and buffets are perhaps the unsung heroes of the furniture world, offering safe, convenient surface and storage space for daily and yearly occasions. Bringing home a charming hutch can give you many new ways to love your home, and the people in it.

custom wooden hutch

The Brookstone Hutch is a safe and sturdy home for your daily dishes or fine dinnerware.

Buffets and Hutches Benefit Family Life

Buffets and hutches are classic. Your grandparents probably owned one, or more, and it’s likely that your parents did as well. They’re a tall piece of furniture, traditionally wooden, with drawers on the bottom and shelves or cabinets above. While sometimes overlooked by furniture shoppers, hutches have a myriad of benefits:

Hutches with glass cabinets are a prime location for wedding china, and can be used to store daily dishes or cooking tools as well.

Hutches and buffets can also be practical, supplemental storage spaces for homes that may not have enough cabinet space.

They add visual interest to a room and can be the perfect place to display items that are important to your family.

Hutches can even provide a great way to help your family develop practical daily routines. For instance, if you use one to store your daily dishes, whoever sets the table will be responsible for grabbing items from the hutch, and whoever cleans them can put them back.

The open, waist-level shelf on many hutches serves as a perfect place to store items that are important but that you prefer to keep out of high-traffic areas, from letters to laptops to Lego spaceships (if you’ve ever stepped on one, you know what we’re talking about!)

Drawers at the bottom can house items that are important but that you may use less offten, like pizza pans and cookie cutters, hammers and screwdrivers for fixing up the house, or bills and the other business of houses your china or special holiday kitchen items, the hutch will regularly be a part of your important celebrations.

The custom Applegate Hutch in a dark finish

 The Applegate Hutch has enough shelves to store a wide range of items.

The Advantages of Custom Furniture for Your Home

With all the potential uses of a hutch in mind, you might be wondering to yourself what happened to the nice hutch you remember from your grandma’s house growing up. Maybe it’s a little dated or damaged, or maybe one of your long lost cousins now has it. You can try and track it down, or you can turn your sights to the future. If you find a new hutch for your home with classic lines and a timeless feel, perhaps someday your own grandkids will find themselves eager to bring it into their own homes. They can then carry on the family traditions they remember the piece always being a part of.

So, what’s the best way to find a high-quality, durable, perfectly-sized, buffet that’s stained to match your home decor? You can spend an awful long time searching, but there is a simpler answer: build one. Hutches are large pieces of furniture, even the small ones. By ordering from a custom furniture maker, you’ll ensure your new hutch will seamlessly fit into your home. Custom sizing gives you the ability to plan what you’ll store in it, helping you keep organized. Ordering custom also enables you to choose the type of wood you want and the perfect color stain. If you visit a furniture maker’s showroom, you’ll see examples of different hutches and be able to get a better sense of their lines and size.

Finally, a custom-built, handcrafted piece of furniture has quality, character, and charm. Handmade objects are built with attention to detail and a deep understanding of craft, developed over years of experience. That personal attention lends character to the piece of furniture, which will be uniquely yours. This uniqueness contributes to the charm of the piece, knowing that your hutch came into the world just to be a part of your special family.

A custom hutch or buffet can be central to your family. Built to match your home in size and character, your hutch will be a sturdy presence in your everyday life. A well-made hutch, built to last, can be passed down through generations of family homes and help keep your favorite traditions alive.

How To Get Started

At Unruh Furniture, we care about the furniture we make. Each piece is custom sized to fit a home, and painstakingly built by hand to match our customer’s needs. With a lifetime furniture guarantee, you know you can depend on our hutches to last. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom to see our furniture in person.

By Carly Haynam

Carly moved to Kansas City from Colorado 13 years ago, and while she loves the coffee and food scene, her passion is in design and transforming spaces, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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