The Best Places to Buy Quality Furniture in Dallas, TX

How do you know you’re getting quality furniture for your Dallas home? Do you look at the substance and style of the furniture? There are those who are devoted to a particular material or period and scour local markets looking for examples. Do you look at the way it’s built, checking the joints, fasteners, and other details of the piece’s construction? Some furniture aficionados can immediately tell the difference between the different types of solid hardwood or the sanding process that has gone into the piece, and won’t buy until they’ve inspected every corner. Or, do you judge the quality of furniture on the basis of who made it?

The correct answer is all of the above. To find quality furniture, you should consider the style, the materials, the construction, and whether you can trust its maker. That’s why the best places to buy quality furniture in Dallas are from stores and showrooms run by local craftsman who stand by their wares.

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Quality Furniture Is Made from Hand-Selected Hardwood

Hardwoods combine strength, flexibility, and natural beauty to create attractive and comfortable furniture. Solid hardwood furniture can last for years—even centuries, with proper care. As wood is a natural material, it’s subject to variation in grain, stiffness, and density. It takes a skilled eye to select the right boards and a deft hand to work with the grain and assemble those boards into beautiful and well-made furniture.

The true mark of quality furniture lies in this hand-selection of boards. A skilled craftsperson will identify wood with the unique properties that fit his or her vision and bring all the pieces together into the ideal configuration. A craftsperson will lay a tabletop, for instance, with the grain of each board alternating to prevent cupping; the natural inclination of each board will help keep the tabletop flat. A craftsperson will spot a natural curve beneath the bark and see an ergonomic edge for a desk that’s gentle on the wrist while the owner types. Quality furniture is the result of bringing all of these perfect elements together and giving them a lasting finish.

You can identify a quality piece of hardwood furniture by looking for the following:

-Quality furniture is solid. Many manufacturers will top an inexpensive material such as plywood or particle board with a thin hardwood veneer. While it may resemble genuine hardwood at a glance, it lacks durability. Furniture built to last for generations will be made from solid wood all the way through.

-Long-lasting furniture is soundly constructed. An important part of a craftsman's work lies in securely joining pieces to each other. You can identify quality work by how well it holds together. A quality bed will not wobble when you lay down; a quality dresser will not wiggle when you bump into it.

-It’s built to fulfill a purpose. Every home is different. Your furniture should fit into its designated space without making a room seem cramped. Quality furniture that’s custom-built to your needs will fit your home instead of crowding or cluttering it.

-The builder stands behind it. Woodworkers spend years honing their skills. They’re justly proud of what they can do with their hands. They build each piece of furniture to last, and if something goes wrong, they’ll want to fix it for you. Quality furniture comes with a warranty. The length of the warranty speaks to the pride of those who built it, and pieces that come with a longer or even lifetime warranty reflect the care of their creators.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy quality furniture in Dallas, find a local builder who puts their name and reputation into each dining table, dresser, desk, or bed they make. You should be able to walk into their showroom, place your hands on their work, see the beauty of the wood, and examine how well their furniture holds together for yourself.

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The Best Place to Buy Quality Furniture in Dallas, TX

For quality furniture in Dallas, visit the Unruh Furniture showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum

Finding quality furniture to fit your home, form the basis of some happy memories, and last long enough for the youngest members of your family to have families of their own can be a tall order. It’s an order that can’t be filled at a big box store. If you’re looking for quality furniture in Dallas, make sure to visit the Unruh Furniture showroom, located in Deep Ellum near the heart of downtown.

We build our hardwood beds, desks, tables, dressers, and other furniture to your specifications for length, width, depth, and height in a range of styles from farmhouse to rustic modern to mid-century modern. We offer unmatched options to customize your furniture to your precise tastes, from choosing the type of wood to picking the stains and finishes. Our furniture comes backed with a lifetime warranty that promises to restore your furniture to new condition if it’s damaged, regardless of who caused the damage. At our showroom, you can see the quality of our work for yourself. We may be biased, but we believe it’s the best place to buy quality furniture in Dallas, Texas.

The skilled craftspeople at Unruh Furniture are dedicated to building beautiful, heirloom-quality wood furniture. You get to select the hardwood and finish of any of our tables, desks, beds, and dressers and have your furniture custom-built to your specifications. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum and see the best place to buy furniture in Dallas.


Image 1: The Rosedale Table combines mid-century modern style, robust hardwood, and custom craftsmanship

Image 2: A woodworker at Unruh Furniture double checks the dimensions of a Clarkson Chair

Image 3: For quality furniture in Dallas, visit the Unruh Furniture showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum

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