The Best Home Decor in Dallas: How to Fill Your Home with Texas Style

If you ask the average American to describe Texas style, odds are they may reply with something about steer horns or horseshoes and then quickly trail off. If you ask locals themselves, however, you are likely to get a range of responses that reflect the truly dynamic diversity of Texas style. Texans take immense pride in their state, their city, and their homes. This is especially true in Dallas, where the best home decor offerings are world-class and rival the designs you can find in global style hubs like New York, London, or Milan.

Dallas home decor can encompass everything from classic western influences to modern, industrial-chic tastes. Homeowners have an incredible array of options now for creating spaces that are as unique as they are, and there’s no limit to the styles to choose from when working to design a dream home. The key is to choose quality pieces customized to fit your space and your one-of-a-kind style. Here’s how.

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Creating Southwestern Style in Dallas Home Decor

No mention of home decor in Dallas would be complete without acknowledging the city’s cowboy and western past. In home decorating, there are two styles that fall under this western heading: southwestern and cowboy modern. Southwestern is the older of the two and probably the more distinct—when you think of a western-style home it’s probably this type that first springs to mind. Southwestern style is known for its neutral, desert paint hues and its rough-textured and boldly-colored decorations. A bright, woven shawl or blanket with a traditional Native American pattern contrasted against a white or sand-colored wall is a good example. However, there is plenty of flexibility and you can often see the muted oranges or even the rosy pinks of desert sunset as primary wall colors, and a woolen shawl may be draped over a luxurious leather sofa.

Striking wood is also central to this style, and a coffee table with a live edge is a nice complement to a southwestern-style living room. You will also notice a focus on distressed textures, so something like a simple wood bed that shows off the natural grain of the wood is a great way to evoke this style. Southwestern decor can also involve wrought iron, tin, or copper-looking metals. Natural finish light woods supported by black steel are an excellent choice for coffee tables and bookcases. Metal chairs that have the look of tin but the strength of steel are also a nice accent to a southwestern dining room.

Pay attention to your lines—if they are too clean, you may begin to edge closer to cowboy modern style rather than southwestern. The two share elements, but the bold color palette of reds, oranges, turquoises, pinks and other colors reminiscent of the southwestern skies is what makes the flair of this style so distinctive.

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Remembering the Cowboys in Home Decor in Dallas

Cowboy modern style can be a little harder to pin down than the traditional hues and woods of southwestern decor. It tends to have a much more neutral color palette and rely on subtle details to make it distinct from farmhouse or rustic home decor. It shares the wrought iron and tin detailings of the southwestern style, but there is less emphasis on natural wood tones and grains. Finishes can be darker and have a more diverse range of colors, and colorful painted wood furniture can be bold accent pieces in the room. The key is a stronger profile. Tables, chairs, and beds have thicker and more-ornate legs. Drawers and nightstands can have more prominent pulls, and sideboards and hutches can have more texture or detailing, like panels or paned doors. Vertical spaces can show tongue and groove construction, and flourishes on the trim give it a traditional feel.

The advantage of cowboy modern home decor for a Dallas home is that it depends less on materials to create that western feel than the southwestern style does. It can be done in a room with eggshell white walls and hardwood floors without having to repaint or put down a new floor. A farmhouse-style table and a bench can go into a dining room with a distressed sideboard in blue, and a table centerpiece of welded horseshoes combined with a carved wood horse figurine on the sideboard can be all that it takes to create a western feel. It’s the perfect style to help show off any classic Texan memorabilia you may have, like steer horns, flags, or cowhide decor. Cowboy modern emphasizes a homey, comfortable feel more than adherence to a style, and that is ideal for creating a home that is not only stylish but comfortable for the whole family.

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Getting the Best Texas Style Home Decor in Dallas

The challenge in creating any Texas style home decor—or any home decor for that matter—is finding quality furniture that fits. The cowboy modern style offers a wider array of furniture to choose from, but it can still be tough to find the perfect hutch for decorating a dining room, or formal dining room into office conversion, let alone pieces that show your pride in the Lonestar State.

When you are working to create the space of your dreams and are having trouble finding pieces that are the perfect fit, it may be time to consider custom items. The best choice for home decor in Dallas is customized furniture with the exact detailing and finish that complements your Texas style and that fits your space, whatever size. Homeowners in Dallas are fortunate not only because they live in Texas but also because heirloom quality custom furniture is available right in the heart of Deep Ellum. Unruh Furniture builds beautiful, timeless furniture that can fit seamlessly into your western-style home and is built to last for generations to come.

Unruh Furniture has deep roots in Dallas and is staffed by craftspeople who are dedicated to building heirloom-quality wood furniture to your exact specifications. You can select not only your choice of finishes, but the type of hardwood and dimensions of any table, desk, bed, and dresser that we make. Schedule a visit to our Dallas showroom in the heart of Deep Ellum today.

Image 1: Highly visible grain like that of The Denton Bed is complementary to western home decor.

Image 2: Combining details like those of the Brighton Sideboard with the rough edge of the Dearborn Coffee Table enhances a cowboy modern style.

Image 3: The Unruh Furniture Showroom is the best place to find high-quality custom furniture to match any home decor in Dallas.

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