Best Bedroom Furniture Arrangements and Layouts for Different Room Sizes

Bedrooms have a misleading name. While they are in fact rooms, and they usually do have a bed in them, more goes on in the bedroom that just lying in bed. Younger kids know that it is where the mythical snugglesaurus lurks, waiting to mess up their hair when they’re focused on a bedtime story. Their parents know that it is the one place in the home that they set aside being mom and dad for a bit and talk about the things that they need to, or just lay down for a while to nurse a headache. Teenagers know that it is their one refuge from a world that just doesn’t understand them. Newly married couples know the bedroom is the site of a low key struggle over whose socks go where, and for new empty nesters, it is the part of their home that still feels full even when other rooms feel lonelier.

A bedroom is a private refuge inside of the already private home. It is where you get ready to tackle the challenges of life, and it is where you set problems aside at the end of the day. Bedroom furniture arrangement should provide you with more than a place to sleep. It should provide you with a comfortable place to put away your clothes, take off your shoes, and let you relax in comfort. Whether that means reading a good book, watching movies with someone you love, writing letters, or just soaking in silence for a bit, your bedroom should be the place where you feel safe to do these things in peace.

The Denton Bed by Unruh

The Brendal Nightstand provides a place for a bedside lamp, a drawer for storage, and a place for beloved books close at hand to the Denton Bed

The Best Bedroom Furniture Arrangement for Your Bed and Dresser

The reason the bedroom is, well, the bedroom, is because the bed is the largest piece of furniture that goes into the room. It will be a central feature and where it goes will dictate how the room flows and how you use it. The basic rules of thumb of bedroom furniture arrangement for a bed are as follows:

Away from the windows: A bed with headboard ranges in overall height from 28 inches all the way up to 54 inches in height, with 36 inches being about average. This is tall enough to block windows and keep you from having natural light.

Opposite the door: If your bed is placed against the wall opposite of the door it will be the first thing you see when entering. This can create a pleasant view if you’re meticulous about making the bed. In many rooms this also maximizes the free space available although this can vary depending on the exact size and shape of the room.

Along the longest wall: Bedrooms generally have at least one wall that is uninterrupted by doors or windows. This is the longest wall and in some bedrooms it may be the only option. It can have the side-effect of dividing the rooms space into two, and this can be a positive for some couples, or a negative for others. It is possible to move the bed along the wall to create more space on one side or the other if you want to create a generous seating area, or room traffic near a master bathroom door.

There are some instances where these rules can be worked around. Not all windows are installed at the same height, and if your bedroom windows are high, or even just average, it might be possible for a low custom headboard to fit underneath them without blocking their light. If it is a single twin bed for a child or a teenager’s bedroom, then a bed can be pushed flush against two walls by placing it into a corner to maximize the space. It does have the side effect of making the bed harder to make, but with many teenagers that may already be a lost battle, and it frees up more space for a study desk and chair or entertainment cabinet in the bedroom.

The bed is closely followed in size by the dresser, which is the second largest piece of furniture in most bedrooms. If a couple shares a wide dresser then it can also work as a television stand, and placing opposite of the wall the bed’s headboard is leaning against makes sense, as it grants couples an equal view. However, in some narrow master bedrooms a wide dresser opposite the bed makes for a very cramped walkway for one partner to get around to their side of the bed. In these cases, consider the advantages of upright vs horizontal dressers. A taller,  narrower dresser placed offset from the bed along the opposite wall, a single one between doors, or possibly two on either side of a window are all good potential alternatives.

However, if you’re trying to place a dresser between doors or windows, the spaces can be narrow. Custom built furniture can enable dressers to be placed in these spaces which otherwise wouldn’t be usable. Customization can also open up these narrow spaces for other furniture which can make your bedroom more enjoyable, more productive, or just a little easier to live in.

The Denton bed by Unruh

The Denton Bed is available in multiple sizes, and in multiple heights for greater flexibility in bedroom furniture arrangement.

Custom Bedroom Furniture to Make Everyday Life Easier

You’ve probably had the experience of making your bed and then mussing it up again when you sit to pull on your shoes. A bench at the foot of your bed can provide a handy perching point in the early morning, and a place to sit down for a conversation when you come home from working late. If the bench is custom built then it removes many of the worries of crowding your walking spaces.

A nightstand by the side of your bed is also a must-have for adults. It provides a place to keep your wallet, keys, phone, and everything else you need during the day conveniently close to hand for you to find in the morning when you’re in a hurry. They are the most convenient place for a lamp to provide light while you read, and some have a convenient drawer to stash that same book in, or a tablet.

There are some additional bedroom furniture arrangements that are not as common in the master bedroom as they are in the rooms of children and teens. Desks to study at are important for academic success, and bookcases can hold tales that will be treasured in the future, or treasured collectibles for those who do most of their reading online. Sideboards can do double duty as dresser and entertainment centers, having drawers and spaces that can hold video game consoles.

Bedrooms really are homes within homes, and bedroom furniture arrangements should make these singular abodes comfortable places to live in during your waking hours as well as comfortable places to slumber through the night. A convenient place to sit, a convenient place to set things, and a shelf displaying a favorite row of books help to make these rooms feel like home, and enhance the comfort of a home overall. Bedrooms can be small and it can be difficult to put everything needed into them, but custom wood furniture can be tailored to the space and provide a place for everything with room to spare.

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