A Trade Program Unlike Any Other Dallas Furniture Store

Are you an Interior Designer or Architect looking for a new furniture source? Are you tired of finding the same old designs and not being able to customize furniture to fit your clients needs? Unruh Furniture might be the perfect custom furniture source for you and your next client project! For members of the trade, specifically interior designers and architects, we have designed a Trade Program with great intention to help and assist trade members and their clients throughout the design process.

We deeply value our relationships with designers and hope our trade program is a reflection of that. We strive to assist designers and their clients to find furniture that is made uniquely for them. There are so many moving parts in making a home beautiful and furniture is one of the key components. We believe our member benefits combined with our unmatched quality and customer service we will create a wonderful experience for both you and your client.

mid century modern dining furniture

This Rosedale Table was created by interior designer Amy Thurston in Maple and stained Classic Fir.

Changing The Way People Buy Furniture

At Unruh Furniture we have something that will suit every clients needs whether you are looking for a platform bed with storage, a farmhouse coffee table, or a mid-century modern desk. We have furniture designs that will fit every style from modern to traditional and everything in between. We make it easy to order compared to other furniture stores by offering in person showroom appointments or simply by placing your order online right from your home or office. Every piece is customized to your liking and made to order. We do not have a backlog or warehouse full of furniture, each piece is handcrafted by a small crew in a 100 year old church located in the heart of Kansas City and built solely on the customizations you and your client make. We have a unique story that tells your client they are truly buying furniture they could never get anywhere else!

A main portion of the furniture industry relies on fake wood products such as laminate and cheap veneers, and that is why here at Unruh we have taken a stand and promise to create each piece out of solid hardwood through and through. We give you and your clients the choice between 6 different hardwoods; Alder, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, White Oak, and Walnut. We offer 7 paint colors and 7 different stain colors to ensure that each piece of furniture we create will perfectly fit the space and each personal style. At our Dallas showroom we have wood wall where you can touch, feel, and see each wood and the available color options. After the piece has made it through production, we will personally deliver it to jobsite to ensure the best delivery experience. Our quality is unmatched and will guarantee each piece for life.

To The Trade

For every trade order placed there are quite a few advantages that our trade members will receive such as 10% cash back on every purchase, professional in-home project photos, and a lifetime warranty on all orders. Once a registered trade member has started an order we will offer personal detailed attention to all of your order needs. Whether that means you need a sample board to bring to the jobsite to confirm wood and color options, or if you need sizing help throughout the customization process; we will be here to help every step of the way! Once a trade member has completed an order we will offer a 10% Cashback advantage to that designer. We will send a check upon the completion of the order as this is a great way for us to thank you for your support as we truly value your business. On top of the cashback advantage we also offer to send a professional photographer to take project photos of your work and ours once the project is complete. These photographs are at no cost to you and will provide you and your client with the full rights to use them however you would like. Lastly, you will receive a lifetime warranty, meaning if anything ever happens to the furniture, we will take care of it - no matter what.

custom dining room sets

This Bakersfield Table was build out of Walnut wood and stained Weathered Oak.


“I choose Unruh again and again because of a shared commitment to craftsmanship, values, and client connection. I want my client’s spaces to feel like intensely individualized “havens” that thrill them from deep down. Unruh helps me deliver. They care as much as I do about offering a personalized experience and producing a product that represents each client for who they are and how they choose to live. This company is truly a designer’s dream!”


We have had the pleasure of working with many designers such as Molly Jarvis, Owner of Brasstacks Design + Build. We were able to create a beautiful Bakersfield table for one of the spaces she designed. To learn more about this design visit our post Meet Molly Jarvis of Brasstacks Design + Build. Also, check out our post on the Atrium House, where we had the opportunity to work with Kansas City Interior Designer, Amy Thurston. We are so honored to have built the perfect size Rosedale Table for this fresh and timeless space!

How To Become A Member

It takes 30 seconds to become a member! This is how to sign up, provide us with your contact information such as who you are, your business name, and contact information on how to reach you. Let us know how you would like your cashback payment via check or direct deposit. Then simply upload a business card to get started. Please keep in mind our Trade program is specific to the trade members only such as Designers and Architects and kindly ask that only those who are members of the Trade Program use the program.

By Kaitlin Kusch

Kaitlin is a Kansas City native with a passion for design and a love for people. She has an uncanny ability to know the best furniture solution for a unique space. And did we mention she loves animals too?

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