A Sawyer, A Sideboard, and Preparing Your Home for the Holidays: Part One

As “the most wonderful time of the year” approaches, it’s important your kitchen, dining room and living space is in order for guests and holiday gatherings.

The following three blog posts (including the one in front of you) will include six Unruh pieces – two each – that will transform your space for the season. In other words, we’re going to help you “set the stage” for hosting loved ones and creating memories for a lifetime. Our goal for the end of October? Get you ready for November.

The last two months of the year zoom by quicker than Santa’s sleigh, so it’s vital to jumpstart your hosting duties. Inquire today about any piece in this series, and we’ll get started in our Unruh showroom. Book an appointment today, so that you can send invites out tomorrow.

The Sawyer Table

When it comes to your dining room set, we know a quality hardwood table is key. Our Sawyer Table is one of our most popular tables due to its striking foundation and gorgeous table-top.

With Unruh, you customize the length and width of this piece, but it starts with six types of hardwood to choose from: Knotty Alder, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, White Oak, and Black Walnut. And if you’re not the decisive type? That’s perfectly OK – our experts will come alongside you and your specific needs (even if it means our strong recommendation). Once we decide the basics, based on our initial conversations together, our team will get to work on your new Sawyer.

To possess a table like this is an investment into your family. For years to come, your loved ones will gather around the table. The only question to ponder: will your current table match the task at hand? Our hope is that your “task at hand” is more than holiday-hosting in 2019. Our hope is that your Sawyer will pass down to generations beneath you – great-grandchildren and their friends will benefit from your decision today.

In the following images, notice the details. (That’s what the Zoom-In feature is for!). Our expert carpenters master every inch. As a result, your furniture is guaranteed for a lifetime.

sawyer table

sawyer table

sawyer table

The Belmont Sideboard

We’ve been building to a most-crucial element of any holiday-based, familial gathering: the feast. Can you participate in other festivities around the table? Absolutely. But community is best formed around family recipes and good drink – a reality we should never let go as a society.

This holiday season, leave your phones in the car before walking in the door. Be present with the ones you love, and serve good food in the process.

As for the meal itself, we often think of two important steps: cooking and consumption. But there is a step equally important that takes place between those two, and it has everything to do with presentation. Serving the meal is setting the stage for the rest of the afternoon or evening. All Unruh can do is provide the platform, and our Belmont Sideboard is a near-perfect option. Why “near-perfect”? Because it won’t be “perfect” until we have your input on customizable aspects of the piece.

The Belmont is meant for functionality + style in your living room or dining room. Functionality transcends the holidays, as its five drawers offer ample storage space year-round. When the top isn’t cleared for dishes and drinks, place seasonal mementos and picture frames on this sideboard to make any room better and brighter. (Yes, the Belmont also serves as the perfect tv stand).

belmont sideboard

belmont sideboard

belmont sideboard

The Goal

Together, the Sawyer and Belmont will turn your dining room into a unified space for guests to convene for hours on end. And that’s the goal, right? When you foster an environment for feast + fellowship, relationships will form for life. At Unruh, we know that’s a huge component to “why” we do what we do.

Our relationship starts in the showroom, and hopefully extends to your family. What’s more is that we may never see the generational effect of either piece in your home. In the future, when your kids and kids’ kids are celebrating holidays in the future, they will do it partly with your help – with a table and sideboard from Unruh Furniture.

When you take action this season and book an appointment, your family will benefit decades down the line.

That news is sweeter than all the pie combined.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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