A Corner Table, A Wooden Desk and A Dream: Unruh’s Designer Trade Program

Are we limiting interior designers and architects to an Unruh corner table and dining room set? Absolutely not. On the contrary, both types of professionals have access to all our furniture items with some incredible benefits.

The Unruh Designer Trade Program started as an idea and blossomed into an opportunity for interior designers and architects. The goal is to utilize Unruh furniture for the good of your client’s needs. If you, or anyone you know, has an interest in joining our trade program . . . please let us know! We would love to come alongside you and the goals for your client to create the most beautiful, meaningful spaces possible.

At our core, Unruh employees get out of bed in the morning to create handcrafted, high-quality furniture. We only hire carpenters who pursue perfection with every cut. We are meticulous so that our customer spaces are as beautiful as beautiful and inviting as possible. But to come alongside other professionals and empower them through our furniture is another reason we’re excited to do meaningful work on a daily basis.

“I choose Unruh again and again because of a shared commitment to craftsmanship, values, and client connection. I want my client’s spaces to feel like intensely individualized “havens” that thrill them from deep down. Unruh helps me deliver. They care as much as I do about offering a personalized experience and producing a product that represents each client for who they are and how they choose to live. This company is truly a designer’s dream!” - Shelly Gaudreau, Home 2 Haven Design

Know a designer like Shelly who could utilize Unruh’s help? Read on about our unique trade program, and if you think they would benefit . . . please send this post their way. We would love to meet them and start a conversation.

10% Cash Back

In an effort to give back to our designers and architects, we will deliver a 10% cash back, on the original purchase, upon completion of the piece. This is how we show designers appreciation for their support. This deal goes for any Unruh furniture item – king bed frame, console tablequeen platform bed – that we guarantee will elevate your space. Note: This component of the trade program, like each associated benefit, is only available to the individual that signed up for our trade program. And we only offer the program to interior designers and architects.

trade program

Professional Photography

Creating a beautiful space for your clientele is one thing, but putting the space on full digital display is another. If you envision sharing pictures of the space with others in the future, we strongly recommend professional photography to highlight the new-and-improved space. We are proud to provide this service — at no additional cost — to all of our trade partners. When your project is finished, if you choose, we will send out a professional photographer to capture your work and ours. Lastly, we will deliver these high-res images in an easy to use/share format for the months and years to come.

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Lifetime Warranty

We have discussed our Lifetime Warranty before on the blog, but the same principles apply to our trade program. In short, we will cover any repairs or damage (no matter whose fault) at no extra cost . . . for life. Our warranty is rooted in relationship. Any Unruh customers that starts their process with us in the showroom and finishes as a satisfied customer is a lifelong part of our family. Our trade partners are no different. Our warranty guarantee is an extension of our trust in you as a partner and advocate for Unruh furniture.

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Detailed Attention

Our quality starts with real people doing an excellent job at their craft. Because we care about you and your specific needs, our team pours attention detail in every square inch of your product. Although Unruh started with humble beginnings, our hard work and dedication has led us to some of the best designers in business. Our goal is to elevate their offering while honing in on ours. The Unruh trade program is the perfect way to do that.

Join our program today or contact us with any questions. We love when people pop in to say hi – especially if it means designing a beautiful space together.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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