A Console Table for the Biggest Events on TV, and Many More Super Bowls to Come

Victorious! Our hometown Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champs and our city is on fire for football. Did you watch the game? For three-and-a-half quarters, our city watched nervously as the Chiefs held on until . . . magic happened. Patrick Mahomes led his team, in the fourth quarter, to a Super Bowl Championship this town won’t soon forget. As Kansas City residents and fans (all across the globe!) gathered around the TV – ideally around a Unruh Furniture console table – three hours of nerves erupted in a raucous celebration that soon filled our city streets.

But amidst the game, all viewers were bombarded with a different kind of crazy: consumerism. A bombardment that most Super Bowl viewers experience through the form of commercials and a half-time extravaganza. Super Bowl Commercials have grown to such a popularity that many people only watch the big game in order to watch the commercials throughout. (Those people can be seen looking at their phone during the game, and looking at the screen during commercials). Generally speaking, Super Bowl Commercials attempt to entertain and sell.

Our Qualm with Quantity

At Unruh, we struggle with the “more, more, more” mentality. If you’ve kept up with any of our blog or social media content, you know our emphasis is on quality over quantity. Does that mean Super Bowl advertisers don’t care about quality? Of course not. Many commercials we watch every year focus on worthy causes or products to improve the human condition. But, in general, our society says make more, spend more and use more.

Funny enough, below are a few console tables for your living room in 2020. A television may very well find its way on top of one of these console tables, but that doesn’t have to be the case. No matter the use, focus on the quality in each table – just like our bed, bookcase and dresser options – and how our furniture is about “detailed and worthy” as opposed to “fast and cheap.”

“Oh man! There are not enough words to describe how pleased I am about my sideboard media console! I am in LOVE with it!! They did an amazing job and it is just beautiful!! They were awesome to work with and so kind and polite. I can’t wait to have other pieces made for our house!!! Thanks, Unruh Furniture crew!!” -Jessica Johnson

Creekwater Console

The Creekwater Console product description reads: “Elegantly designed to stand against an empty wall or behind a sofa, our console adds a practical touch to any room. A generous amount of open shelving that you can fill with books, baskets, or anything in between. The opportunities are endless.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the console table style of furniture, this piece is a perfect introduction. It’s simple and sleek, and worthy of storage. But not just any storage – the Creekwater will house the most meaningful items in your living space. When friends and family gather around, the Creekwater will set the tone for new moments that will lead to new memories.

creekwater console angle view

Keaton Console

For a little more storage power: “Take care of business with this multi-functional, beautifully handcrafted organizer. Three deep drawers atop two open shelves offer endless storage possibilities.”

Unlike the Creekwater, our Keaton Console provides three top drawers for items that need an enclosed space. Similar to our other furniture options, this piece is available in six different types of hardwood and over 40 finish variations. Consider the KEaton if you are look for something practical + personal. 

keaton console angle view

Bonus: Coleman Bookcase

Meet our not-quite-console Coleman Bookcase: “Our Coleman is the perfect low-profile storage piece for the modern home. Its customizable size and wood species allow you to make it perfectly you.”

We decided to include the Coleman because it has a similar look and feel to our other console tables, but carries the distinct responsibility as a home for your books. (In which the logic stands: it doesn’t matter the quantity of books you or know or read, but make note of the quality of books and how well you know them).

coleman bookcase angle view

As you think about console table options heading into 2020, consider your current TV/bookcase home. Is it old? A worn-out hand-me-down? Gaudy? Cumbersome? Depending on how you answer those questions, it might be time to switch up the game. The Chiefs decided to switch up the game and focus on quality this year. (Mainly, on the defensive side of the ball). The sooner your furniture finds quality, the only “quantity” to consider is how many big-game invites to send out next year. All we know is that the Chiefs will most certainly be there.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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