A Clydesdale, A Coffee Table, and Preparing Your Home for the Holidays: Part Two

In our quest to complete your home for the holidays, we offer you two crucial items: our Clydesdale Dining Room Table and Holloway Coffee Table.

Part One of the blog post series highlighted the Sawyer Table and Belmont Sidetable – one to act as a centerpiece for your dining room, and one to help serve and store your dining ware throughout the holiday-season and beyond. As we cover a few more pieces to help you host over the holidays, note that our true process begins in the Unruh showroom. Whether we start with furniture discussed in this post, or choose another of our 130+ items, we will customize the product to fit your space accordingly.

Setting the stage for community starts with a quality vessel – Unruh Furniture doesn’t build boats, but our team is made up of expert carpenters who get the job done (and could probably build a flawless sailboat if put to the test). Our crew specializes in furniture for your home. We scrutinize over every detail because we want you to have the piece – tables, chairs, dressers, etc. – for as long as you live. That’s our Unruh Lifetime Guarantee, and it propels the work we do every day.

Now let’s look at one of those “legacy pieces” your kids might fight over when you’re gone. (Although, our recommendation is to buy at least one piece per child . . . it’s easier to divide items that way).

The Clydesdale Table

We know you’ve heard of the horse. We know you’ve seen the commercials with the horse. But make no mistake, the Clydesdale Table is a beast of its own.

Did we draw inspiration from the magnificent mammal? Yes. The clydesdale horse is a beautiful, strong and majestic creature that has carried men and women through the ages. Why shouldn’t our tables do the same? This specific piece of furniture is simple-but-powerful in look and feel. Most notably, the four pillar-like legs serve as a more-than-firm foundation for years to come. When it comes to the type of wood, as with any table you desire, we’ll discuss which option – Knotty Alder, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, White Oak, and Black Walnut – to choose from according to your home and needs.

But before discussing wood type, use our online customizer to decide which size of Clydesdale you need in your home. Bigger isn’t always better (unless all your guests RSVP “Yes”) and we’re more than happy to offer assistance in deciding what width + length will work best in your space.

clydesdale table

clydesdale table

clydesdale table

The Holloway Coffee Table

We promise covering the “Holloway” for the “Holidays” is just a coincidence, but it does make it easier to remember in the future.

To move into a space after dinner is imperative for any dinner party or gathering. The coffee table serves as a natural, living-room mainstay for such an occasion. Together, we’ll assess your current situation and if an Unruh coffee table is right for your space. But we’re betting the Holloway will fit the bill regardless of locale.

Sleek lines stick out on the Holloway, but the “modern” look is simple enough for any setting – your home included. Built-to-last and ready for however-many mugs, a coffee table like this is an item to take seriously. Plop on the couch and kick your feet up (if your family is into that) and stay awhile. A Holloway on the holidays will make “fantastic feast” → “delicious dessert” a smooth transition for all.

holloway coffee table

holloway coffee table

holloway coffee table

The Guarantee

If you read our first post in the “holiday home” series, we ended with our goal at Unruh: to create high-quality, handmade furniture for you to enjoy for a lifetime. The “why” behind that goal? To help you create meaningful spaces in your home for family and friends all-year-round.

We accomplish your dream-furniture with a laser focus on detail – a process that starts in our Kansas City or Dallas showroom where we listen to the wants and needs for your living space. (Can’t make it to either location? Give us a call and we can take the next step accordingly – our online customizer makes quality furniture a possibility from any location or distance).

Once we commit to making your home better with Unruh furniture, our team of carpenters works on the piece itself until it’s ready for delivery. And delivery means just that – our crew brings each piece to your home, right to the spot it will live. From there, our lifetime warranty takes full-effect.

Holidays might come and go, but our loyalty to you is here to stay.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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