A Boulevard, A Bed Frame, and Preparing Your Home for the Holidays: Part Three

The final post of our three-part series will highlight one more magnificent Unruh table, and introduce the most desired spot after hosting over the holidays: a quality bed frame.

We used the tail-end of October to get you ready for craziness around the corner. Every year, November and December seem to fly by – it won’t be different this year, as we’ll blink and it will be 2020! But time flies when you’re having fun, right? Therefore, it makes sense the holidays seem so short.

In this wonderful window of celebration and thanksgiving, we encourage you to get some invites out the door. Hosting friends and family on a formal or informal occasion is what the season is all about. Unruh is here to make the task a little less intimidating. A home to host company is one thing, but setting the appropriate stage is another. Make memories with our handcrafted furniture – book an appointment Kansas City or Dallas showroom ASAP so we can deliver your order before guests arrive.

Today, we kick things off on the “Boulevard” with one of our customers' favorite tables

The Boulevard Table

The Sawyer and The Clydesdale: two quality tables we covered this week, that when said together sounds like the title of an old western film. Lastly, we give you The Boulevard – a more modern take on the traditional four-legged table.

With two metal, U-shaped frames as a foundation, The Boulevard is perfect for your space that leans a little industrial, while maintaining a modern look and feel. Together, we can customize the hardwood table-top to meet your desire, and then we’ll get to work. This table is perfect for a little extra leg-room below, and will comfortably sit however many on your guest list. (Length and width is another key component we’ll discuss at our first showroom meeting, or you can test out our online customizer to get an idea of the full frame).

Why the Name: “Boulevard”

If you are familiar with Kansas City history (something we take seriously) you might know that “Boulevard” is a pretty important word.

In recent past, many have become familiar with Boulevard Brewery in town, and rightfully so – the city’s largest brewery plays host to hundreds of events, thousands of tours and millions of memories throughout the year. But why “Boulevard”? The city’s relationship with boulevards stretches back to the late 19th century.

In 1892, the Kansas City Board of Park Commissioners initiated the “Park and Boulevard Movement” that called for 10 collective miles of boulevards and 323 acres of public parks. Their goal was to make the city beautiful as its businesses and industries took off in the city. The impetus for the movement was an aesthetic city layout to bring people and their families together for walks, picnics and admiration. We took the same idea into account when creating our very own Boulevard, and translate the principle into every piece of furniture we make at Unruh.

boulevard table

boulevard table

boulevard table

The Colby Bed Frame

The guests are gone, the trash is removed, and the dishes are . . . still everywhere. At the end of a long evening, when your sights are set on bed, The Colby bed frame will be waiting – a blend of beauty and comfort is your deserved destination.

Hosting is hard work, but when Unruh furniture is in your home, you put a target on your back when friends decide to gather. A table, sideboard or hutch is one thing, but you spend a majority of your life in a bed. Therefore, we think you should make that time count. Our Colby is simple-yet-magnificent – complete with sleek lines and custom hardwood to fit your master bedroom accordingly, this bed frame will not disappoint.

Cheaper alternatives exist, but the cost is often a key indicator of quality. Unruh only makes furniture that will outlive all of us. We want you handing down furniture through the generations, and this is the kind of bed frame to carry through on that promise.

colby bed frame

colby bed frame

colby bed frame

The Gathering

“Preparing Your Home for The Holidays” was embedded into each post title this week, and with good reason. As noted prior, the season flies by. But there really is nothing better than friends or family gathered around good food and good drink – stay awhile and enjoy conversation. Unruh furniture is built for such an occasion.

For some, crashing on a bed frame like our Colby is the only better feeling than fellowship with friends. But this life goes by fast. We only have a short window of time to create, buy and cherish items of real importance. One day, others will come after us – kids, grandchildren and their friends – and they will partake in similar gatherings. Here’s something special: They’ll sit at the same spot you once did.

It starts with a showroom visit, and ends with furniture for a lifetime.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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