8 Stylish Summer Table Setting Ideas

Unruh Furniture recently did a collaborative shoot with Chentell Shannon, owner of Convivial Productions, and Stephanie Agne, owner of Golden & Pine. It was such a pleasure to spend time with fellow KC business owners who approach their craft with such pride and intentionality. It was an afternoon wonderfully spent, and we couldn't wait to share the inspiration (and a few design tips) with you all!

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1. Classic neutrals

Classic neutral tones for your dish-ware create the perfect foundation to build on. Look for everyday dishware with lots of texture and unique flourishes.

2. Add the Pop

Adding metallic flatware is a great way to create a dynamic table set (matte gold always looks good!).

3. Textiles Tell It All

Cloth napkins class it up. Textiles are a great way to add texture (our favorites are rumply linen or crisp cotton).

4. Finish Fresh

We always finish the table off with fresh flowers or a gorgeous bowl of produce. Even a couple snips of rosemary or a pop of green from your yard in a unique vessel adds a fresh feel to the table.

Tips from Stephanie Agne, Owner of Golden & Pine

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"The dining table, no matter the shape or size, is a central force in a home. It's a place of gathering and shared experiences. Whether sharing a meal with one or hosting an event for many, there are a few tips that can make it a memorable experience.”

— Carly Haynam, Lead Designer at Unruh Furniture

5. Choose Pieces You Love

When looking to purchase a table and the items to outfit it, I always encourage clients to choose pieces they LOVE. Choosing items that make your heart swoon will help create a common thread and cohesion. Loving the pieces will also make you feel more satisfied and confident with your choices.

6. Keep It Simple

Sometimes we feel the pressure to have it just “perfect” when entertaining, which inevitably adds more stress than needed and robs from the overall experience. Just stick to the basics: beautiful ceramics, natural fiber textiles, lovely serving ware, fresh flowers and of course, great food!

7. Choose Quality

Quality can sometimes require an initial investment, but one well worth it! Choosing pieces that are handmade from quality resources gives you the chance to achieve the unique look you want. When investing in a table and chairs, verify that they are made from solid hardwood and with a lasting, quality finish-just like we offer at Unruh Furniture

8. Mix It Up

To create visual appeal, you have to create layers. Use handcrafted ceramics, natural linen napkins, textured woodgrains and simple arrangements to make it all come together. It will be stunning.

Tips from Carly Haynam

Farm Table

This is our Colby Table created in White Oak wood and stained Weathered Oak.

Happy Hosting!

By Carly Haynam

Carly moved to Kansas City from Colorado 13 years ago, and while she loves the coffee and food scene, her passion is in design and transforming spaces, with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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