2019’s Most Popular Pieces Part Two: The Rosedale and Westport Sideboard

We stand at the threshold of 2020, and embark on a new decade of dreaming, designing and woodworking. Numerous articles, through many news and media outlets, wrote about and reviewed a decade filled with technological advancement, controversy, TV streaming and political upheaval. Those descriptors, to name a few, surely summarize the 2010’s. 

Think about that “technological advancement” side of things. In 1990, nobody knew what the internet was. By 2000, about 200-thousand people in our country used the internet. In 2010, over 500-million individuals were connected through Facebook. It’s now 2020! And we can officially Snap bunny selfies and upload it to the Gram in the hopes to get at least 100 likes. How far we’ve come!

But this is where Unruh Furniture likes to “stay in our lane” so to speak. What lane, you ask? High-quality, handcrafted wood furniture. The beauty about our craft is that it stretches back to 2020 B.C. and beyond. Yet we’re still perfecting the furniture-making process! In fact, Unruh has devoted itself to a business model the world has never seen. In terms of personnel, we hire expert carpenters – each with a servant’s heart that seeks to meet your needs accordingly and deliver in a timely fashion. And yes, technologically speaking, we “got with the times” to create an online customization tool so you can visualize what a custom piece would look like upon purchase. But it’s our customer-led process that makes our service and product so unique, and many people had many great things to say throughout the 2010’s. Our favorite decade . . . so far.

Unruh in Review Pt. 2

“I was very impressed with the entire process.  The showroom tour experience was very helpful and interesting. I found everyone to be kind and genuinely interested in providing a wonderful, high-quality piece of furniture for my family. The delivery team was courteous and respectful of my home. I would recommend Unruh to anyone without hesitation and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.” -Valerie, Google Reviews

“I am so pleased with the beautiful table, bench and chairs that we got from Unruh furniture.  The entire process was fun. I loved going to the showroom and picking everything out from style to stain colors.  And the best part of it is that I know that no one has a table just like mine. This is a furniture piece that I want to pass down to my children.  Thanks, guys! I am already planning out my next piece!” -Noelle, Google Reviews

We bought the Baker's Field table in maple wood with weathered oak stain to give it a light, airy almost 'beach wood' vibe. Everything about Unruh is lovable. From our showroom visit (where Nathan came in on a Sunday to help us) to the tour of the shop, to selecting the perfect wood and finish and size - the staff was great. Delivery went perfectly. This is a high quality table that we will keep in our family for many years to come. TOTALLY worth the money. UPDATE: Another reason to love Unruh - their Lifetime Warranty. I accidentally scratched my beautiful table only a few weeks after purchasing. When I inquired about getting someone out to fix it, I was SHOCKED that they would come pick it up, fix the scratch, and re-deliver it for $0 to me. Their warranty is unreal. This company is absolutely the best!

our reviews

The Rosedale Table

For where mid-century meets our wood variations, the Rosedale Table is a perfect choice. Interior designers ask us about this piece all the time. As they keep up with the latest design trends, we often work with professionals who need a table to fit the bill. But many of them come back to the Rosedale. Elegant lines and unique angles accentuate this beautiful work of wood. If you have a bent for mid-century modern, the Rosedale will fit right in line with similar pieces in your home.

rosedale table

rosedale table

The Westport Sideboard

A quality sideboard serves multiple purposes. Our Westport is no different. From TV stand to storage; entertainment console to bookcase. You can store all your memories in this made-to-last piece of furniture for you and your family. The Westport is classic, elegant and works in just about any room of the home. View a sideboard as the “cornerstone” of your living room or dining room. If you choose wisely, it’s a piece of furniture that will exceed expectations. Your friends will ask you where you got your Westport Sideboard, and we gladly take referrals.

westport sideboard

westport sideboard

In the spirit of 2020 and new beginnings, we ask you this winter season to take a serious inventory of your home furniture. Whether you’re pleased with your current situation or not, furniture should never serve as filler. In other words, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity in your home – just to “complete” a room. High-quality furniture takes years to accumulate. Maybe get together with your family and plan out list of furniture goals for the 2020’s. (i.e. To buy a new bed frame by 2021, a new dining room table by 2022, desk in 2023 and so on). That way, you can budget accordingly to meet those goals. No matter which piece you choose to start with, know that Unruh has your back the whole way through.

By Will Severns

Will is married to Lauren and together they have one son: Branch. Will is a diehard Kansas City Royals fan, loves to read, and is always down to share a meal at Chick-fil-A (without sharing the actual meal of course).

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