The Story of Pete

A year and a half ago, Cody – our resident finish foreman – received a link from his sister. It was to an adoption site with some known Beagle sightings. His sister knew his love for the breed and although he was not really looking for a pet he ventured onto the site.

As he perused through the listing by the Kansas City Pet Project there was a lot of good looking canines, however it was not a Beagle that caught his eye. There sat a medium sized, orange furred, white spotted pup that really raptured his attention.This pup’s story was one of abandonment, a stray taken off the streets. He had been adopted once but it was not a good fit so he transitioned into foster care. Not the best of situations, but fate had its way as he made it onto the world wide web. Cody did not know why but this dog was going to be his. After taking the steps to adopt him, the little guy became a part of Cody’s everyday life.

After a few attempts with names like Mr. Tubness and Arturro, Pete fell into place as the perfect name for this one. Just as it felt right for Pete has faithfully come into work everyday since and he has quickly become our beloved shop dog. Check out a day in the life of Pete in an earlier blog post.

Pete sticks by Cody’s side no matter what. Staying true to the age old mantra of “A man’s best friend”. If Cody even leaves the room for more then 10 seconds you can see Pete scampering out after him. They do everything together and seem to know each other pretty well. However, the one thing that Cody does not know, because of Pete’s shady past, is what kind of breed he truly is. So we are taking to the streets…aka the internet, to have some fun figuring this out.

The Competition

Here is where a little healthy competition comes in. Using the images below we want you to take your best crack at what his pure or mixed breed is. All you have to do is leave a comment. A month after we post this we will be using the DNA My Dog Breed Testing Kit to find the truth. When the results are in we will select the commenter that had the closest guess and send them a $100 American Express Cash Card.

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